About Us

Kertalangu traditional culture is a village located in the middle of 80 acres of green expanse of paddy fields and hidden charm blend naturally with the local lifestyle. This village has the objective to participate and promote the culture of peace and the preservation of the environment through sustainable tourism education. Located on the By-pass Ngurah Rai Sanur is just 40 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport, 30 minutes from Kuta tourist center and 20 minutes from the famous cultural village Ubud.Sebuah artistic values and local wisdom.

Peace Gong Garden Cultural Village Kertalangu Parks Peace Gong is characterized by the presence of “World Peace Monument” in the form of statues of world peace leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi, Bung Karno, Madame Theresa, Barack Obama and other world leaders for peace in the midst of a vast expanse of green grass and beautiful. For menghatarkan we live in a peaceful atmosphere as well as the great soul of the leaders of world peace.

Eco Park The center of the green and natural environment, health and education programs related facilities to produce green environmental awareness and a deeper understanding of the challenges we face are caused by extreme climate change. A dedicated place for people to connect better, learn together and train untu balance of body, mind and spiritual life is better with kea lam pattern re-education and learning through experience.

Cultural park Regularly held shows and performances to commemorate the national and international events to participate in promoting the culture of peace in the world. The celebration will be held in the form of periodic discussions, performances, festivals, dance performances, music and food and arts and crafts fairs that make this place rich with interaction and new attractions.

Gate Ticket
Rp.25.000 (Adult)* – Rp.20.000 (Child 3-12 years old)*

Operating Hours
Week day 09-00 am – 05-00 pm Weekend & Holiday 08-30 am – 05-00 pm