Meetings, conferences and exhibitions Facilities for events such as meetings, exhibitions, workshops, weddings and more. Sasana Culture can accommodate up to 3000 people while the State Peace Gong is equipped with the function of an open stage for cultural performances and banquets up to pest ataman / cocktail with a capacity of Digital Libraries: collecting information and books related to eco, culture and peace. Equipped with wi-fi and bias accessed using the laptop / ipad in the area of Park Peace Gong.

Kertalangu eco park Outdoor activities with friends, family, coworkers ata. From rice, duck chasing, catching eels, healthy horse to run in the 3.5 kilometer long route around the field.

Kertalangu Camp Fun, educating, creative and eco friendly: the program of activities of self-development and building national character designed specifically students in their spare time during the school holiday program. The program is filled with activities to develop physical, emotional and spiritual intelligence and expression under the guidance of an experienced team of instructors yan. This program can also be tailored to the needs and the minimum number of participants.





Art gallery and souvenir shop Various cultural product quality and diverse art souvenirs impressive as a souvenir from the World Peace Park.

Megalitic Collection Art knowledge of the works of the artists of the past from the Megalithic period (more than 2000 years ago), the Ancient Mataram era, the era Singasari, Majapahit era to the modern era in the form of a special collection of sculptures, ceramics, paintings and other works of art that have a high cultural value .

  Restaurant Coffee Fields Traditional cuisine: surrounded by lush paddy field, enjoying the beautiful scenery and comfortable while enjoying fine dining menu along with a selection of herbal teas and coffee.

Subak eco tourism Walking around the green expanse of paddy fields and watch more closely the lives of rural farmers with agricultural activities Kertalangu subaknya system.